Other potential buildings

Other buildings that people have seen and think might be suitable for a social centre

Properties in Hulme

Building: The Platford, 379 Stretford Road, Hulme/Old Trafford (right on the Manchester/Trafford border, i believe just on the Manchester side), M15 4AD
Status: Boarded up, appears to be in good physical condition, not yet made enquiries into ownership.
Photos here
Land Registry check done: no price info, but owned by COINPATH LIMITED (Co. Regn. No. 4344372) of 9 Harley
Street, London, W1G 9QF, bought in 1996.
(28/6/11) Metal grilles removed from windows and for sale sign gone – seems building has been bought and is going to be re-opened soon

Building: AFeWe, 181 Royce Road, Hulme, M15 5BP
Status: Closed, apparently had its pub licence revoked in November 2009. Appears to be in very good condition, contents still intact. Ownership unclear.
Photos here
update March 2011: still there, still disused and in good condition

Building: St Mary’s(?) church hall in Chichester Road, Hulme (opposite Loreto College)
Status: Boarded up. Church next door is advertised as for sale for £125-175,000. Unclear whether the hall is being sold along with the church or separately.
Photos here
update March 2011: no apparent change

Building: NIA Centre – Chichester Road
Status: Boarded up. Absolutely huge building, probably too big for us to take on by ourselves, but maybe possibility of sharing it with other group(s)?
Photos here
- look at with the possibility of housing co-op and other developments

Building: Unknown building, Tamworth Close, Hulme
Status: Boarded up, has large area of land attached (including garden and car park), no idea of former use or ownership.
Photos here


Building: Plymouth Grove Adult Education Centre, Plymouth Grove/Hathersage Road
Status: boarded up, looks like it was closed down fairly recently, possibly council owned?
Photos here

Building: 2 buildings on Stockport Road, Longsight near corner with Plymouth Grove West
Status: 1 very large warehouse type building, has overgrown car park surrounded by trees. Boarded up, hard to tell internal condition. Looks like a good place for a big warehouse rave! Smaller pub-type building next to it, looks like in very gutted condition but still has potential. Unsure whether same or different owners.
Photos here
Land Registry check done: no price information, but the larger building (330-336 Stockport Rd) is owned by GEOFFREY UD-DIN of 17 Broadway, Hale, Altrincham,
Cheshire WA15 0PE. The smaller building (324-326 Stockport Rd) is owned by TEHAL SINGH BHAKER of 6 Thoresway Road, Longsight, Manchester 12.
Update March 2011: no apparent change

Building: Row of shops on Stockport Road, Ardwick between Manchester Pets & Aquatics and William Hill
Status: Advertised as “3 shops for sale with ancillary development potential”, although there seem to be 4 boarded up shops in a row. Buildings look quite damaged, especially the roof. Estate agent contact WT Gunson, 0161 833 9797, www.wtgunson.co.uk/Pages/Property.asp?I...
Photos here


Building: Cricket pavilion off Lytham Road (border Fallowfield/Levenshulme)
Status: Building itself is boarded up, but looks like people have got in, potentially pretty trashed inside, but has huge area of land with it (cricket pitch + what was tennis courts, now just overgrown with grass). According to a local owned by one of the universities and has been left unused for around 7 years.
edit: Land Registry says “sports ground” (presumably including, although not directly mentioning, pavilion) is owned by University of Manchester.
Photos here
- we need to look into this, it could be a good site for a community project and an even better site for a housing co-op.

Oxford Road


Northern Quarter

Building: Selhide Limited, 53-55 Great Ancoats Street
Status: Boarded up, otherwise unknown
Photos here
update March 2011: still there, still disused

Other areas

Building: The Seven Stars, 163 Ashton Old Road, M11 3WU
Status: Advertised for sale by Fleurets, price not stated
Photos here
May now have been sold – please confirm?
Update 4th March 2011: appears to still be for sale.

Building: The Manchester Lodge, 85 Rochdale Road, Manchester, M4 4HY
Status: Boarded up, signs saying “for sale” but also saying “business lease for sale” so unsure if leasehold or freehold, no price shown.
Photos here
Update 11th March 2011: still there, sign saying “Business lease for sale”

(please add any you have had a look at!)


Enter FOLP, Friends of Longford Park, into Google for information and photos of the Shippon Centre and Park Cafe.

Trafford Council are looking for a new use for the Shippon Centre, potential Community Centre and allotments.


I live very near The Platford (379 Stretford Road) and it’s still boarded up, and AFeWE (181 Royce Road) still appears vacant, maybe it’s worth following these up if possible?