Info event guide

here a short explanation on what this guide is all about: as we will have to mobilize for the protestmarch in whole germany we decided that we will apply for this a decentralized type of mobi. this guide will help us in empowering local groups, refugee activists to organize inf events on their own. the only rule to be followed - in order to provide the info in the most transparent and politisizing manner - is that one should organize infoevents for to seperate target groups. one is refugees in lager/refugee activists and the other is supporters/refugee activists. in both types of infoevent the refugees should speak flr themselves!! that's the strength of our mobilization!..the info events should give a simple (!) and short (!) input about our action plan and the infrastructure of the protestmarch to brussels. you can also use the guide for the informations or just have more free and open exchnage or discussion rounds. the importantn thing is to leave enugh space for questions and ideas!! and not talking and talking until everyone is either gone or wasted:( you should always take with you the map with the route and the fylers of the march and for support. you can also show movies and pics to empower the audience!