work in progress


Round 4

Lots of fancy stuff in round three i’d love to get to, but for phase 1 we are going to keep it simple, but still have the persistent social feed. we can follow up later with other touchstone improvements, starting with the at a glance info.

Note: task were added back to this as a 3rd level nav. It could become “Organizer” when there is a calendar.

Round 3

Ignore the colors. Think of this as a wireframe with some design suggestions. Points of note.

  • persistent status. status encourages people to post, and when you click on it it show older posts. eventually there will be a link to more that brings you to social activity 2nd nav, filtered by your posts.
  • persistent social feed indicator (this will open to show latest social activity with link to more)
  • this feed is different then the feed on the group landing pages – it shows owner and not covers.

Round 2

Round 1

  1. The “more” drop down would provide a view, basically the same as the one on crabgrass now. chronological view of posts and updates about yoru friends. you do not interact with this
  1. tooltip: a rollover that allow you to see history of posts of one user at a time, and with some dev the ability to send messages to them from that tooltip.

my proposal in these is that we would start with the #1 and then build out #2 and that #2 would be persistent anywhere on the site, not just from the row of faces, but from anywhere a users icon is.


in these wireframes, how important is the horizontal break line the separates the masthead, top menu, and banner from the rest of the page?

theoretically, i like the idea of the break line, but in practice i think it confuses my eyes more than it ads clarity.


elijah, i believe you are referring to the 2nd level nav – the blocky nav that says my work, notifications, etc and the line that extends out from it? the 2nd level nav is a cross site nav so its pretty important.


no, i am talking about the line that crosses through ‘dashboard’, ‘social activity’, etc.