Just a brief introduction about me

Michael Hodgson
username: michaelv
email: lancaster-imc at riseup dot net
I am 35 years old. I live in Ephrata, PA. I have experience with html and css, but not much in other programming areas. I am an artist/graphic designer/musician/organizer and journalist (did I mention Chen-style tai chi?) and will be assisting in things such as content and design aspects with usability for the lpimc website. I am in the phillyimc editorial collective, and among the original group who founded the Lancaster Pennsylvania IMC (lpimc) in rural Lancaster, PA.

I am also a researcher/networker, so I can find just about anything if it exists; I will also be working on constantly helping to recruit people into the LPIMC Project, as well as other projects, such as IMC-Alternatives, Crabgrass and LPFM Community Radio/Prometheus Radio Project, which is an important task often overlooked. I will be teaching myself Drupal and possibly Ruby over the next year.

I am also constantly contacting people who have web-dev skills to see if they are interested in getting involved (recently have made a connection with the Creative House of Lancaster—independently employed artists, chefs, designers, etc who formed a local small business collective (free membership); they believe in skill-sharing, so we hope to draw them in and collaborate with them). I have recently joined the IMC-Alternatives Project and feel that we should keep a connection with them for collaborative and skill-sharing.