First time with Mum.

There are many accounts of boys having sex with their mothers on here but l haven’t read another one where their first fuck was on a train.
There are many who say how their mother was some hot piece with amazing tits and a great arse. Well that wasn’t my mother. I’m not saying she was ugly, in fact she was just ordinary, just Mum.
The time l’m talking about was the mid nineteen sixties. We lived in a small country town, l had recently started masturbating, and like most other boys of similar age l was wanking at any opportunity. I had a morning paper round and two of my customers had regular deliveries of what were called “Men’s magazines”. One of them was weekly, the other monthly. Obviously l took the opportunity to have a quick look through and up until the time in question that was the only time l had see a naked woman. I was fascinated by the variety of breasts, and puzzled as to why l had a penis and balls but women seemed to have a smudge. (I know it sounds naïve but that was how it was in those days).
The day everything started to change, l had been looking through one of the magazines on my round. I had gone home to change ready for school. My sister who was four years older had left for work, she was a trainee hairdresser, and my father had left for work. The centre spread of the magazine that day had been of my favourite model and l was desperate to get home and wank.
I raced upstairs into my bedroom, dropped my trousers and pants and began wanking. I was almost ready to cum in seconds when l heard a noise. I turned and realised that l hadn’t shut the door properly and my mother was standing there watching me. My first instinct was to hide but it was too late, l couldn’t stop my orgasm and l was stuck shooting my cum all over the bed.