Next action movie

  • 1
    The lives of others   top pick
  • 2
    Legends of Rita
  • 3
    Devil's backbone
  • 3
    The network
  • 4
  • 5
    Children of men
  • 5
    The educators
  • 6
    What to do in case of fire
  • 6
    Zivot je cudo/ Life is a miracle(??)
  • 6
    Boxcar Bertha
  • 7
    Can dilectics break bricks?
  • 8
    Land of the dead
  • 8
    V for vendetta
  • 9
    Sophie Scholl - The Final Days
  • 10
    War Games
  • 11
  • 12
    Cradle will rock
  • 13
    Dead Presidents

What’s the showtime movie about the zombie soldiers?


It’s called “Homecoming” and is part of the Masters of Horror series


I absolutely think we should show live of others next. made me crrrry!


it is awesome, but I just saw it… I would like to show a hacker action movie. can you think of any political hacker action flick?


ummm. die hard 4 has hacker bad guys who deny service to everything in the world and a hacker humorous siekick who convinces bruce willis’ typically patriotic hero that you can never trust the media to tell you the truth. plus, there are three significant uses of cars as weapons. I actually really liked that movie but it is also fairly despicable as a violence-celebrating hollywood product. plus, there is a totally classic dragon lady stereotype villian that is extremely racially insensitive.

or else we could show war games for a bit of a return to the eighties.


there is also tron.

or a 70s movie called Colossus about sentient computers seizing atomic weapons, which has an awesome soundtrack. that’s my hacker pic.


I wanna see colossus!
It looks fantastic!


Action movies is my genre and that’s how it has always been. It all started when I first saw it on soap2day . I’ve been a fan of these movies for such a long time.