What is BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum? Can It Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer?

Having long, thick eyelashes is the goal of many women, especially since these make the eyes become more attractive in appearance. Unfortunately, not all ladies are blessed with naturally rich eyelashes, and as a result, they resort to other means to try and improve the way these look.

A lot of them rely on mascaras. However, these are only as good as their first application and will eventually wear or wash off. Furthermore, these can also cause damage to the roots of your eyelashes when used regularly, making these even worse off. Other people resort to using eyelash extensions.

Unfortunately, not everyone can use this, and there are a lot of individuals who are actually allergic to the chemicals on the glue used to stick these on. The more desperate people turn to surgery. This type of cosmetic procedure is pretty risky; not only does it bring with it the typical risks of an operation, but the surgeon will also need to work on a very sensitive part of the body, so it can really turn out badly, and that’s not even mentioning the expenses of going under the knife.

If you’re looking for the best eyelash enhancer, consider using BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum, a product that is highly effective in proving the appearance of eyelashes, as BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum reviews say.

What is BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum?

BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum is completely different from all the other eyelash enhancing products out there. What it actually does is that it actually literally goes to the root of the problem. All you will need to do is apply BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum once a day as you would liquid eyeliner. In doing so, your eyelashes become thicker, richer, and darker. As a result, you get the gorgeous eyes that you’ve always dreamed of. Read more: https://biolumabeauty.com/order-eyelash-serum/

Can It Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer?

BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum has been clinically tested for its effectiveness, and these studies have shown that the product can actually increase your eyelash length, density, and fullness by an average of 25%. Imagine waking up in the morning to have longer, thicker eyelashes without having to go under the knife (and spending that much amount).

What’s great about the product, is that it does not have any side effects associated with it, unlike other eyelash enhancing products and techniques out there. It doesn’t contain any paraben, fragrance, paraffin, or any other harmful ingredients that can trigger skin irritation. Furthermore, it doesn’t use any carcinogenic materials or prescription ingredients that can do harm more than good.

What it actually contains are the following ingredients, all of which are medically approved:

Polypeptides, which does wonders on the length, thickness, and volume of your lashes;

Vitamins and proteins, to help rejuvenate your eyelashes, making these stronger, shinier, and generally more attractive;

Moisturizers and other agents, which make your eyelashes shinier and more flexible. The moisturizers constantly hydrate the eyelashes by locking in moisture so as to prevent your eyelashes from drying out.

By using BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum, you’ll not only end with gorgeous eyelashes, but you’ll also be able to have these without putting your skin or health at risk, making it truly the best eyelash enhancer in the market today.

Just note that BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum may not work the same for people, owing to their individual differences. Some can actually see the effects of the product within a couple of weeks of using it, while there are those who only notice changes after a month or so. It’s important that you follow the prescribed duration of the application so that you really will see the full effects of BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum.

The Best Eyelash Enhancer

Longer lashes are particularly considered beautiful, especially on women. If you notice, women go the extra mile and glue fake eyelashes that they buy from drugstores and cosmetic shops for formal occasions. If you survey a typical woman’s makeup kit, you will always find mascara and an eyelash curler. Eyelash extensions and eyelash perming have become popular trends too. Long and curly lashes give a lot of drama and expression to the eyes. Women with longer lashes do not have to exert a lot of effort to pull off the much-coveted smoky eye look. Longer lashes also protect the eyes better from debris and dust.

Women with naturally longer lashes are truly blessed because they can save time on grooming and applying makeup to their eyes. Those that aren’t blessed with such need to take time and apply mascara, use the eyelash curler, or go to the salon and get their eyelash extensions. All these, of course, can be very costly. Since it’s difficult to get long lashes naturally, the BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum was created.

The creators of BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum understand that every woman wants to have gorgeous and sexy lashes naturally. That’s why they came up with this clinically tested product that has a gentle and non-irritating formula. Lash Growth Accelerators is very easy to use. You just have to apply the formula every night and in 21 days, you’ll see a remarkable improvement in the length of your lashes.

This is a better alternative to lash extensions because, with Lash Growth Accelerator, you don’t have to make repeated trips to the salon anymore. You don’t have to endure the irritating feeling when you get your lashes done. Plus, people who get eyelash extensions tend to suffer from lash breakage. This is the last thing you need when you’re seeking long and beautiful lashes. You can still keep the mascara and the eyelash curler if you like but you will definitely save time with naturally long lashes.

BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum will also strengthen brittle lashes. Studies conducted on the Lash Growth Accelerator reveal that the subjects exhibited 72% improvement in the appearance of their eyelashes in just 21 days. Continuous use in 42 days yielded an enormous improvement of 89% in terms of fullness, length, thickness, and visibility. On your 42nd day of use, your friends will notice your lush and healthy lashes but they’ll never guess that you got eyelash extensions because they will look natural. The ingredients or Lash Growth Accelerator are completely safe. The formulation does not have any hormones, Laureth sulfates, methyl parabens, PABA, propylene glycol, salicylates, or urea.

All the ingredients are safe and have been tested by the ophthalmologist so they’re safe to use around the delicate eye area. The application of the product is also low-maintenance. You only need to apply the Lash Growth Accelerator every night. If you forget to apply in the evening, apply the product in the morning. However, the best results are seen faster when applied religiously at night.

The use of Lash Growth Accelerator goes for both sexes. The formulation is transparent so no one will notice that you’ve applied something to your eyelashes. If you’ve had eyelash extensions too, it is perfectly fine to use the Lash Growth Accelerator, since your extensions won’t fall off. Once you’ve got the lush lashes that you’ve always wanted, continue the use of Lash Growth Accelerator to maintain its appearance. After all, one bottle will last you 9 months. You may also want to use it on your thin and sparse brows to give your eyes a more prominent look.




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