The Nor’easter aims to provide an outlet for anarchist related news and events while simultaneously introducing non-anarchists to anarchism and plugging them into the movement.


Suggested topics for submission include:

  • Reports from anarchist events and actions
  • Introduction to anarchism or anarchist theory
  • Introductions and updates from NEAN-affiliated groups
  • Current events from your area or across the world

Articles need not be directly related to anarchism, but should be of interest to anarchists. Photos and artwork are also welcome, just keep in mind that we are a newspaper and not a literary journal. If sending pictures or images with your article, please include any captions and credits.

Nor’easter editors are likely to edit articles for basic grammar, punctuation, clarity and length. Not all submissions are guaranteed to print.

The Nor’easter will include a calendar of events (local and otherwise), so let us know about any upcoming meetings, actions or whatever.

Send submissions to


We are currently looking to distribute papers to groups around the region in quantities of 50 ($15 for a bundle of 50 copies). For more information about getting copies of the Nor’easter in your area, or to make a payment, check the group subscriptions page.

Nor’easter Collective

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If you have some know-how you’d like to put to use for the Nor’easter, or if you’d like to learn and help out in any way, e-mail us! If you can help us distribute the
Nor’easter in the Northeast and beyond, please contact noreaster (a)

We would also love to hear from anyone who would like to translate the Nor’easter into a non-English language.

Announcement List

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Issue 4, Winter 2009
Issue 3, Fall 2008
Issue 2, Summer 2008
Issue 1, Winter 2008