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Polka-Dot Plant | Hypoestes phyllostachya

Polka-Dot Plant is great, easy to care for indoor foliage plant that is now also being used as an outdoor annual for borders and landscape brightening.

The Polka Dot Plant plant is kind of bushy like a scrub and has delicate, oval, pink or rose spotted leaves – hence the name. This is a perfect plant to accent an empty table top. Use a contrast color pot and watch the colorful foliage pop. You can find more information, about this plant, with plant identification app iphone.

Temperature & Humidity
Average temperature is preferred but this plant is hardy enough to tolerate higher or lower temperatures but never 55F or below. Keep it in high humidity or mist daily early in the day.

Proper light will allow this plant to achieve optimum color. Medium light intensity is best except for winter, when high light is recommended.

Soil should be kept moist spring through the fall months. Since the plant does not actively grow in the winter, water less.

Fertilize with houseplant food diluted to half strength. In spring and summer fertilize weekly and during fall and winter fertilize once a month.