Securing Etherpad

  • generate a certificate using “keytool” (or import one, search the web to figure out how):
    cd etherpad/data/appjet/
    keytool -genkey -alias appjet -storepass HACKME -keypass HACKME2 -keyalg RSA -keystore sslkeystore -storetype jks
  • make sure you are using the right keytool. if you’re on debian do update-alternatives --config keytool to check. I had to use the java-6-sun version.
  • then add this to the config:
    listenSecure =
    sslKeyPassword = HACKME2
    sslKeyStore = ./data/appjet/sslkeystore
    sslStorePassword = HACKME
  • restart and hit https://your-host:9001/