Current Banners

(Location: All currently at Mohan’s)

“No One Is Illegal”. Vinyl. Colour Print. Approx. 5′ × 10′
“Shelter Sanctuary Status”. Vinyl. Colour Print. 5′ × 10′
“Stop the Deportations – Status for All – Website”. Canvas. 5′ × 12′
“Stop the War on the Migrant Poor”. Canvas. 5′ × 10′
“Education Not Deportation”. Red Canvas.
“Without Borders – Queer the City”. Canvas. 2′ × 6′
“No One Is Illegal”. Green Canvas.
“No Deportations”. Canvas. Super Big and Heavy.
“Everyone Has the Right to Stay”. Canvas. English and Chinese.
(Retired: Deterioration) “Stop the War At Home – Stop the War Abroad”. Red Canvas.
(Retirement Pending: Name Change) “Join the NOII Student Network”. Canvas. Smaller.



“Good enough to work, good enough to stay”

Wish List

Indigenous Sovereignty
Sanctuary City / Access Without Fear?
Queer Migrants?