Films about migration and NOII-related issues

Films we have screened

El Contrato (2003), Min Sook Lee

  • Ryan has copy

Borderless (2006), Min Sook Lee

  • Ryan has copy

Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary (2005), Arturo Perez Torres

Fourth World War (2003)

Crossing Arizona

Continuous Journey (2004)

Education Not Deportation (21 minutes, 2009)


Mexican Refugee (2005), Alex Flores

Who gets in? (1989), Barry Greenwald, NFB

Sanctuary (2005), Jamie Escallon-Buraglia, NFB

Resist 2010

You are on Indian Land

No Time to Stop

Brown Women Blonde Babies

Bledi, This is Our Home (2006)

The Refugees of the Blue Planet (2006)

Kanehsatake 270 Years of Resistance

Let Them Say (War Resisters)(2005)

U.S. and International Movies

Made in LA (2007)


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