Raspberry Pi (released)

An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25

Cheap tiny ARM motherboard. Charitiable project aimed at people wanting to learn programing. Can be used as computer with usb keyboard and mouse. Out in December…


thanks for sharing! i followed the 1st world / 3rd world discussion about the aim and reality of this project a bit. Assumingly the current community will not make the first steps in programming with it. But they cobble the streets for others. Even if I do not call myself poor and want to use a 25$ computer at 7.5V at less than 1W (“The device should run well off 4xAA cells”) in my forest hut – it’s great.

They are still assembling and publish updates via ML. More in the Wiki


I’m so excited for this! Been wanting to get my hands on the Pi since I first heard about it. Not even sure what my first project would be with it though.

[Raspberry Pi] January update - boards for sale on eBay

Happy New Year!

We've built our first small batch of production boards. Apart from a minor error in the PCB design, they work very nicely, so we've decided to make ten of them available for auction on eBay. We have parts in stock for our first 10,000 units, and expect to be in volume production by the end of January.

As always, for more details, check out our website at:


Eben Upton
Executive Director, Raspberry Pi Foundation

so the rpi is out now, first 10,000 sold. If you order now should get one of the new batch in May/June. Trying to find out what sound capabilities it has. ; -)