geiger counter / dosimeter

How to build / access a geiger counter / dosimeter?

Personal Geiger counter, anyone?-

  • List of Affordable Geiger Counters tutorials “radiation maps and visualizations. The site is made up of three sections: (1) A curated list of radiation maps and visualizations, (2) Tutorials for setting up your own Geiger counter, and (3) Technical information to help people better understand radiation”



Where to share/find data?

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  • construction workshop CCC aug 2011
  • ONE of the most unfortunate features of the usual portable Geiger counter is the short life of the expensive high-voltage batteries. These 300-volt units run down very quickly—especially in very hot or humid weather—whether used or not. Here is a portable Geiger counter that operates from only four flashlight cells. A transistor oscillator furnishes high voltage for the G-M tube while a two-stage transistor amplifier drives the headphones.” on
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