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  • element14 drives open source collaboration through demos and more as a proud sponsor of Open Hardware Summit 2011 "element14, the first community and electronics store for design engineers and electronics enthusiasts, today announced it is an official sponsor of the Open Hardware Summit on Sept. 15 at The New York Hall of Science in Queens, helping unite individuals and companies playing an integral role in defining and leading the Open Source Movement. "
  • SparkFun Engineer to Speak at 2012 Open Hardware Summit, “My talk is an attempt to dispel some of the more rampant myths and misconceptions surrounding the legalities of OSHW in the United States with respect to FCC authorization to sell,” Hord said.
  • Open architecture “Whether you are a small shop operating one or two CNC machines programmed on the floor, or a larger facility with many machines programmed off-line at CAD/CAM workstations, open architecture controls will affect you. The questions you should be asking are when, how much, and what should you do to prepare for them.”


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