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Tangible Bit Project - The Industrial Information System

What is Tangible Bit?

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Tangible Bit is a project intending to link together all aspects of digitial manufacturing through a series of datasets. The aim is to create a database of sites hosting manufacturing equipment or inventory, objects, materials, manufacturing processes and so on.

Industry 2.0

The Industrial Revolution failed to create the right environment for human development: instead of decreasing our requisite workload, improve our physical and mental health, increasing our overall happiness and allowing us to better ourselves indefinitely, it managed to alienate humans towards each other in increasingly polluted urbanized environments where a substantial amount of time is used to commute to jobs that people don’t like, to generate wealth for owners of the means of manufacturing for a fragment of the proceeds, in order to conduct more business in an artificially scarcified market.

Industry 2.0 is the movement to redo the industrial revolution with humankind at its core and not the ownership of ideas. This provides an implicit promise for the reduction and demarketization of required work – the golden age of unemployment – and the elimination of artificial scarcity, which has for decades dithered and confused priorities regarding the manufacture of all products worldwide. …

Free Infrastructure

Free Software has been around for a while, and Free Content is coming to be an integral part of our culture. Now we need Free Infrastructue. Tangible Bit is above all a Free Infrastructure project.


ok, cool. is there the possibility to connect it to this project list or the whole group?


Hi kardan.
Just to let you know: I’m not the author of that project.
I’ll try to add it to the project list shortly however (I don’t think the author would mind).


url tangiblebit.com is down.