Our cuckold tease game becomes ever more real

I know that imagining you being with another should make me angry, but it would remind me how beautiful and sexy you are, and that you could seduce any man you wanted. It would become like a competition where I’d have to try harder to be a better lover. Then if you told me that despite my best efforts he was superior in all kinds of ways and had attributes I couldn’t match and which you preferred, I’d have to do anything you wanted to try and please you so you wouldn’t leave me and hopefully I’d win you back.” I rattled off as a lame explanation.
Interesting….” My wife had said, almost like she was talking to herself and immersed in deep thought, “I’d never looked at it quite like that.”
The truth was, the simple thought of her becoming haplessly and wantonly aroused by the presence of a powerful alpha male was the turn-on for me. His sheer animal magnetism would cloud her good judgement and undermine her high moral standards and she’d simply allow herself to be taken. Imagining her submitting to a man with a cock much bigger than mine, and with the strength and stamina xxxhub.top of a race-horse … and her being on heat, accepting whatever he did, even if he were far more ‘ardent’ than I’d ever be. The very notion was a big turn-on for me.
Hence I’ve nurtured a little cuckold tease game between us to the point where she willing plays along. At first I’m sure she was reluctantly play-acting to indulge me, but lately she’s started fully playing her part, making it ever more authentic and convincing.
I’d departed the Melbourne depot before daybreak and was fast approaching Sydney around early-afternoon when the hands-free on my dash lit up and beeped. Belinda sounded excited.