Scope of Work Phase 1


These are wireframes, not design mockups. they have to do with general placement, UI, and workflow. Not at all pixel perfect, or trying to have correct spacing / fonts / etc.


Center Column A better blog

  • read more link
  • remove ability to add bgcolor to comments – currently people are adding pink bg.
  • Need RSS feed out
  • (standardize photo layout:can be done by hand to start)

Right Column

  • Add NYCGA and Chat under a get involved section
  • rich media: video, slideshows for tumblr, flickr ( what sort of carosoul options do we have. might be cool to have photo and video carosolus that pull from vimeo channels, youtube, flickr, etc)
  • Top rated forum posts this week.
  • Move These to about us
    • General Inquiries:
    • Press Inquiries:
    • Help & Directions: +1 (877) 881-3020
    • Watch: The world we’re building
    • Read: This call to action

Top Level Navigation Minimize

  • Add media link and have video, photo, and live stream links in drop down.
  • remove user map
  • remove chat, have link on right column front page


  • better layout
  • quick changes to forum for better sorting, right now its chronological. what are these?

Lets move forward on small incremental changes. Lets all keep an eye out for websites we like that we would want to mimic. Thats often the easiest way forward.


please add to this with specific ideas, as soon as we have a mockup i will issues in a tracker (redmine,or maybe github), break out the dev tasks and solicit help. i have 2 confirmed django folks ready to rock, and have contacts with the co-creater of the framework.




We need a press bar similar to the media bar with options for inputting a request for a press release and requests to be added to our press list


who would be able to input a request for a press release? that seems like an internal need, no?


Question for django devs:

  • what sort of carousal options and forum options are there for django. we need kick ass forms that allow the good shit to rise to the top
  • what are good options for ways of displaying rich media like video and photo carousals. ideally these would pull / embedd from other sources like flickr, etc.
  • do we know anyone who is good with front end / css and django templates?
  • can we use dropdowns in the nav that function cross platform, including mobile?

do we want to offload forums?

hmm, yikes for one of the forum categories

Discuss the various changes we’re shooting for.

no bueno


re: rich media carousels s

We have used both of these carousels w/in Django:

Nothing django specific about them, but easy to integrate w/ django templates. You can see these in action here: and

I am pretty sure they are friendly to images from across the web. Let me know if you see anything you like, and I can easily share this code.


Daniel and I talked about the following changes tonight possible:

- Fixed width (allow to size down)

- Linking to allies in tiny ticker bar on top (like what reddit does at top of page)

- Moving contact info to footer rather than side bar

- A “Get Involved” section


adding press tab


Re: “get involved” section -

Not sure if you ran across this project downtown, but #ows has an hr dept now:

Not sure if this website is appropriate to plug this from, but at least some of questions might be appropriate


About the newsletter. The idea is to send mails every week/month/when ? Or when an article is posted?


not sure gaba, not when an article is posted. our content team is a little weak right now, need to organize it.