Comms Group meeting 2010-04-01

Minutes from comms crabmeet on 2010-04-01

In brief

  • Crabcasts – some underway, more needed. G doing ‘what is a wiki’ and ‘how to start a wiki’
  • Crabgrass skill share – need to pplan (but shouldn’t take long)
  • Activist tech writeup on web site – underway
  • Website – Would be good to identify what we want to use it for. Revisit in late April perhaps a regional gathering brainstorm session.
  • Leaflets – are an accessible way to involve non-tech people in comms stuff, will email a “help TVCA by making a leaflet” to the lists
  • Next meeting? Oops. We didn’t decide. Please make suggestions below.

Leaflet specification (not discussed during meeting)

  • Black & white (although may be printed on coloured paper).
  • A5 size
  • Have the following info …
    • Web adddress –
    • Email address – either or

You should upload your leaflet as a PDF. This means that fonts and layout will be the same on other people’s computers as it is on yours. If your software can’t save as PDF, there are several on-line converters. Here’s one.

Once you’ve got a PDF either upload it to Crabgrass (navigate to the Comms group, select new page, select file or follow this link). Make sure to give the file a good name – file names have to be unique so ‘YOURNAME TVCA Leaflet April 2010’ is better that ‘leaflet’.

If you don’t have access to the TVCA Crabgrass group, you can email your leaflet to oxford AT

In tedious detail

17:57 ciderpunx joins the chatroom
17:57 ciderpunx waves
18:00 ciderpunx just me then?
18:08 penguin7 joins the chatroom
18:08 ciderpunx waves
18:08 ciderpunx do we have an agenda?
18:09 ciderpunx looks at last weeks minutes
18:09 penguin7 Not sure really. Think it was just stuff from last meeting
18:09 penguin7 But there’s not much there …
18:09 penguin7 website?
18:10 ciderpunx Schweet I could do with a quick mtg.
18:10 penguin7 Leaflets (haven’t finished mine)
18:10 ciderpunx mailing lists?
18:10 penguin7 Crabcast & skill share
18:10 penguin7 No news on mailing lists – think all in hand at the mo
18:10 penguin7 Do we have a facilitator?
18:11 ciderpunx Crabcast-wise there’s that one I did, but maybe its worth figuring out what episodes to do…
18:11 ciderpunx of course not. its just you and me
18:11 penguin7 CCs – I said I’d do ‘what is a wiki’ and …
18:12 penguin7 ‘how to start a wiki’
18:12 ciderpunx penguin7: nice one
18:12 ciderpunx I can probably help out with sound.
18:13 ciderpunx (if that’s still problematic)
18:13 penguin7 cool – think we need ‘how to edit’ and ‘how to make comments’ – shall we ask c
18:13 ciderpunx yeh. where is c?!
18:13 penguin7 Dunno – thought he’d def be here
18:14 ciderpunx did u get anywhere writing up activist tech stuff?
18:14 penguin7 made a very small start.
18:14 ciderpunx penguin7: for certain values of def
18:14 penguin7 think the main thing i need is links to providers (esp hosts)
18:15 ciderpunx Can u nick the links from riseup; they have a fair number at the bottom there
18:15 penguin7 the latest riseup newsletter had a good bit about why not to use mainstream providers – was gonna include that …
18:16 ciderpunx Please check out these other fine autonomous revolutionary tech collectives:
18:16 penguin7 but aware some TVCAers will feel a bit affronted when I tell tem they’re ‘using McDs’
18:16 penguin7 will do
18:17 ciderpunx meh maybe we can soften that blow a bit.
18:17 ciderpunx putting “its a bit like McDs” might help
18:17 ciderpunx ?
18:18 penguin7 will do. think the main thing with the website is …
18:18 penguin7 doing that thing of seeing what people want it for
18:18 penguin7 would be good to plan this, but not really urgent. Perhaps late april …
18:18 penguin7 or regional gathering in may in that happens
18:19 ciderpunx yeh, we could do a working group type session, or maybe just a brainstorm.
18:20 ciderpunx Though I do think it’d be worth doing the info. architecture qwith fewer ppl.
18:20 ciderpunx s/qwith/with
18:20 ciderpunx ummm, just checking minutes again…
18:20 penguin7 s/qwith/with – wtf?
18:21 penguin7 Leaflets – think this could be a good way to get others involved in comms…
18:22 ciderpunx Yeh, agree
18:22 penguin7 think it might be good to just say to people design a leaflet and you’ll be helping tvca.
18:22 ciderpunx penguin7: s/x/y meant I typed x but I meant y ;-)
18:23 ciderpunx Maybe with some suggested text. And ask ppl. to add them to crabgrass?
18:23 penguin7 ahh, switch
18:24 ciderpunx has lamer typing skillz
18:24 penguin7 or just email them – would be good to remove as many teccie barriers a sposs.
18:24 ciderpunx OK, sounds sensible
18:24 penguin7 is there anything else we need to discuss?
18:25 ciderpunx It doesn’t look like it.
18:25 ciderpunx punishment for non-attendence on crabgrass meetings?
18:25 penguin7 let’s call it a day. speak soon.
18:25 ciderpunx I’ll type this up in a mo’
18:25 ciderpunx l8rz
18:26 penguin7 oh, yes.

18:25 ciderpunx punishment for non-attendence on crabgrass meetings?

Sorry all, I was unexpectedly on a train at the time :( I shall move heaven and earth to make the next meeting, which is…