Oxford Meeting 2010-05-24


Meeting didn’t happen – only 2 people turned up :-(

Draft Agenda

Admin part 1

  • Introduction to TVCA, consensus decision making, names go round.
  • Finalise agenda.
  • Who’s going to facilitate?
  • Who’s going to take minutes?

Review of previous action points


National Gatherings / RBS action

General update

Any feedback from the meeting on 16 May?

Can anybody give an update on what’s coming up?

The next UK gathering will be on the weekend of the 29th-30th in Manchester. All are welcome and encouraged to come along.
Anybody going from Oxford? Might be nice if people that are going made themselves known so that others in TVCA, especially those not used to national gatherings, could travel up with them.

Do we want to have a discussion on process issues?

TVCA meeting on 19 April and feedback from South Coast on process.

Tar Sands – Where next?

See minutes from Tar Sands meeting.

Any feedback from Party at the Pumps?

Local campaigns – Where next?

See notes & discussion on potential campaigns. How do we move this forward?

Community Engagement – Where next?

Looks like there was a meeting on 6 May, but no minutes. Can anyone give an update?

T V C A1 Fundraising

Any plans?

1 To the tune of....

Cowley Road Carnival

3 & 4 July. Do we want to do anything? Previous discussion.


New TVCA announcement email list.

See email.

Share skills and build strong groups – Day workshop, May 31, Manchester

See email.

Chicken day at Barracks Lane

12 June. See announcement.

OARC Meeting

Wednesday 26 May 7pm in, umm, OARC (TBC) .

Admin part 2

  • Next meeting date & place (OARC closed on 31 May)
  • Friday email / newsletter.

Post-meeting social

Have a chat, probably in a pub. It might even be a natter, but almost definitely will be in a pub.