Oxford Meeting 2010-07-12


Edinburgh Camp for Climate Action decisions (are we going/kitchen or not) Site Group Questions.

Email from site ...
1) Are you coming?

2) Are you bringing a full kitchen or a tea kitchen? See (a) below.

3) How many, roughly, do you think will be in your neighbourhood?

4) What do you require in the way of water facilities in your neighbourhood? I.e. a sink, drinking water tap, kitchen water tap, etc.?

5) Do you have fire safety people?

6) Accessibility requirements (if known). If any neighbourhoods particularly want to be close to anywhere else (or to any of the central areas) that would also be useful information.

7) What are the sizes and uses of the marquees you plan to bring? This will help us with site planning. The assumption is that neighbourhoods will be providing their own marquees. However, if your neighbourhood does need a marquee sourced centrally please contact us asap (London already has two reserved from the central stock)

a) At the gathering we decided to ask neighbourhoods who weren’t able to bring a full kitchen to think about having a tea kitchen and/or fire pit to provide that lovely space for socialising, meeting new people and general unifying of a neighbourhood.

For kitchens we have the following down so far:
- South Coast (able to cook for 200)
- East Anglia (able to cook for 200 - 300)
- London (aim to cook for 200)

Yorkshire and Northwesterly neighbourhoods are going to chat about combining kitchen tat and teams, as will Scotland and Newcastle, as some neighbourhoods have kitchen stuff but no crew to be a kitchen team.

No word yet from Devon & Kernow, Westside, West Midlands, Wales and Thames Valley neighbourhoods - hello, are you out there?!


Proposed that OARC have an organising meeting in July to ensure OARC keeps it's doors open.

OARC needs more than a couple of people to keep it running. My instinct is that the meeting will only happen if many people come along. Traditionally OARC meetings have been on a Thursday - perhaps people can't make that date? If not, let's change it.

I've set up a 'decider' for when the next OARC meeting could be in July. If you're interested in coming to a meeting, please use the link below to say when you could make a meeting. If people aren't interested in
coming to meetings, I suspect OARC will fade out of existence. I don't mean that as blackmail or a threat, it's just what I see as reality. So please do try and make it to a meeting - say when you're available here:

Skillshare/outreach event

Tarsands/BP Garage

Oxford email account

Need to make sure that somebody involved in RBS organising has access to this and is checking it.

TVCA and social media

Picked this up from last set on minutes …

TVCA and social media (also see comms working group on crabgrass)

But not sure what it refers to (can’t see anything especially closely related on the Comms WG).

Next meeting


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