Schedule Planner

An editable PDF for everyone to mark out times that DO NOT work for them, so we can make a group schedule for meetings. Please download the form, make your edits, then SAVE changes & upload the saved version to the same page. Add comments if you need them at the bottom of the web page.
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Updated by Jessica 2009-11-21

there is a schedule tool internal to crabgrass as well … that allows to you see how many people the times work for, rather than simply having them off the list if they don’t work for anyone. hmm, either the pdf is not working or I’m not getting it…when I hit download above, I get a screen that says “Please fill out this form. You cannot save changes to this document. Please print if you want to save your information or download a blank form to your computer.”

so… I am not available monday 12:30 to 2 pm, or 5 pm to 7:30 pm. Not available tuesday or wednesday 9-5 pm. Otherwise free.