We have seen that, in principle, the procedure for obtaining a license differs depending on the country in which it is requested, free casino games Australia. However, there are requirements and practices that are quite common as, for better or worse, the rules to be followed are very similar. The purpose of the procedure is also to be able to monitor the quality and behavior of individual applicants, in order to render harmless sites created for the sole purpose of breaking the law.

• Documentation
The documentation to be submitted usually contains a detailed description of what you are going to do, giving information about the specific sector in which you are going to work (casino, betting …), with an accurate description of the games that will be offered, their functioning and their regulation. But also reports on corporate accounting and how it is actually audited.
• Demonstrate good intentions
The ability to demonstrate the intention to operate transparently, with proper business planning and with clear and legitimate goals is an indispensable trait. The good reputation of the applicant company is important, as it reinforces the perception of quality of service and, together with detailed information on the organizational structure and financial activities, it is possible to immediately determine whether the company has sufficient coverage for its future activities. business.
In short, of course, the fundamental requirement that every jurisdiction requires is to demonstrate that, in addition to good intentions, there are also all the economic, financial, human and IT tools necessary to conduct business in the best possible way.
We have already mentioned that in order to be able to use the Italian license, the casino operator must purchase an Italian domain that ends with .it. It goes without saying that otherwise we are dealing with non-AAMS sites. If the site extension is different, we are clearly on a site other than AAMS, but we must still remember that it is very important to check that the license is present and valid.
This information is usually found at the end of the various screens and we encourage you to make sure everything is in order. Need:
• check for a license and serial number, usually at the bottom of the page;
• make sure that there are links to a specific commission;
• contact the national authority that issued the license if you are unsure whether it is actually available, even if it is advertised.
Risks of unlicensed sites
Registering and playing on non-AAMS sites that don’t even have a foreign license is a situation you should never find yourself in because not only is it illegal, but it can lead to criminal consequences. Law 401 of 1989 art. 4, paragraph 3 provides for those who use illegal platforms not only the imposition of a fine, the amount of which can vary from 51 euros to a maximum of 516 euros, but also up to three months in prison.
However, even if it were possible to avoid criminal sanctions, the main risks are related to the nature of the site itself: it is clear that whoever does everything to operate without a license enters the sector only to deceive those who, unfortunately, fall to his network. In the best case, we will transfer our data to someone who cannot use it, and in the worst case, it will disappear along with the money we paid and the winnings received.
That is why, we emphasize again, it is important to check in every possible way that the site has a valid license from official bodies such as Curacao eGaming or Malta Gaming Authority.
While, of course, the aspects to be analyzed when deciding which casino to join include a bit of everything, from the type of games to the various bonuses provided for both new players and existing players, one of the most important factors, no doubt about payment methods.
It is clear that the purpose of joining a casino site is to have fun and win, but in order for this to be possible, it is important that the environment in which we are located is safe from all points of view. However, if we choose foreign casinos, it is important that they are AAMS-free casinos, safe both in terms of data protection and payment methods.
• Data protection
At the site registration stage, on any site, we find ourselves sharing personal data and confidential data, which, of course, we do not want them to fall into the wrong hands. If we are talking specifically about a foreign casino, then we should pay even more attention, because we will be forced to add data regarding our credit card, our current account or, in any case, links to our virtual wallets.