How the business of technology works


Other ways to understand these issues



  • Data Dealer → play a databroker, sell data and make lots of money!
  • Phone Story (banned on Iphone) → the cost of technology.





Allegheny County Specific

Outline of Surveillance Capitalism Talk

  • Data – Who collects it?
  • How do they do it? – Cookies, browser fingerprinting, etc.
    • Actively produced/collected data – Facebook status, Instagram pictures, etc.
    • Passively produced/collected data – websites visited, search history, credit score
  • What do they do with it?
    • Targeted advertising, adaptive pricing
    • Risk management, reputation economy, social credit (compare to China)
  • What are the impacts?
    • Algorithmic discrimination, mathwashing
    • Self-censorship, social cooling, society of control, decentralized panopticon
    • Third party doctrine, PRISM
  • What can we do? (Think Different).
    • Ethical corporations, an oxymoron
      • But harm reduction is a thing, there exist lesser evils than Google
    • Don’t give money to rich people
      • Use services that don’t harvest your data – DuckDuckGo, OpenStreetMaps, Mastodon, Diaspora, Scuttlebutt
        • Yes, all your friends are on Twitter, but they used to all be on MySpace… we can consign Twitter to the dustbin of history
        • Ask yourself, if they make money, where do they make it? If the service is free, then you are the product
    • Mitigate value extraction by surveillance capitalists: Encryption, Anonymization, and Data Pollution. (ie Tor)
    • Remember that the #Resistance will not save you
    • Fight the commodification of counter-culture → Community-Based Infrastructure
    • Envisioning a data commons (decode project,