Jenny and Pam Girls Night Out

As agreed, there was no small talk. Pam and I both leaned over to our short-term friends and began opening their pants. I normally do this alone. It was hot hearing, and knowing Pam was just two feet from me, doing the same in my back seat. I had Daniel’s pants open, and I could see the bulge in his briefs. I rubbed it for a minute then fished out my treat. It was hard, throbbing, and as promised hairless, just the way I prefer! It was four inches long, maybe five, and average thickness. When it comes to blowjobs, I am not a size queen. I do admit to getting excited when I unveil a huge cock. I love to hold and look at them. However, I have had some extremely large ones that ended up being mostly a handjob since I could only get the cock head in my mouth. Before I went to work, I straightened back up to see Pam. Her head was bobbing up and down on Pete’s cock. Similar to his body, his cock was long and thin. I said, “Pam, you look so fucking hot with that cock in your mouth.” She responded with a long moan to go along with her cock slurping sounds.
I then turned my full attention back to Daniel’s cock. I licked his member up and down to his clean balls a few times. He moaned and arched his back. I thought I better get to sucking before he cums. I wasted no time. I gobbled his cock down. As I sucked up and down slowly, each time I reached the base, I extended my long tongue to lick his balls. I then increased my pace. Most guys don’t last long in my mouth. Tonight was no exception. In a couple of minutes, he exclaimed, “I’m going to cum!” His jizz filled my mouth, spurt after spurt. I continued to suck his cock clean, not spilling a drop. Daniel praised, “Fucking Jenny, you are an incredible cock sucker!” To that, Pam moaned loudly. I left Daniel’s cock to watch Pam blow Pete.
I could sense Pete was about to cum. I grabbed the back of Pam’s hair as she sucked as much of his cock as she could. Pete exploded in Pam’s mouth. I told her, “Let him fill your mouth but don’t swallow.” She mumbled an okay. When I thought she had enough, I pulled her head off his cock and up to my mouth for a deep, sexy cum kiss. Daniel’s hands found his way to my boobs over my shirt. I didn’t stop him; it felt good. I was thoroughly enjoying our kiss. In less than ten minutes, I blew a cock, tasted two different guy’s cum, and kissed my sexy friend and new cocksucking partner. When our embrace ended, I instructed the guys to leave.
As they exited my car, Pete said, “Wow! That was hot.” I think they were at a loss for the appropriate words as Pete added, “Thank you, ladies. You two are incredible.” I’m not sure what the right words would be, but I take great pride in and get excited by the guys’ praises and amazement.
Pam hopped into the front seat, and I drove off. I instructed her to pull down her pants, and she did so without question or hesitation. As I safely could, I reached over with my right hand to play with Pam’s pussy. She was drenched! She moaned and further spread her legs as my long, French-manicured middle finger easily slid into her. Shortly after my index finger entered to join the thrusting in and out party, Pam came violently, arching back and grabbing my wrist to keep my hand from retreating.