Safer Space Policy

Creating a Safer Space

A safer space is a place where people can relax and be themselves without fear of humiliation or reproach as a result of their race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, medical history, intelligence, abilities, and all other inherent and immutable diversities. It is intended to be run for minorities by minorities. We want this channel to be a space where people support each other and can feel free to be themselves. We want it to be a place where abuse and discrimination is not tolerated. We hope that everyone becomes more aware of the idea of ‘safer spaces’ and that you are proactive in helping make this a safer space too.

People attending this space are asked to be aware of their language and behaviour, and to consider whether it might be harmful to others. There will be no toleration for any behaviour or language that may perpetuate oppression including, but not limited to:

  • racism/xenophobia
  • ageism
  • homophobia/biphobia
  • misogyny (including slut shaming, gendered slurs, et cetera)
  • sexism
  • cissexism
  • heterosexism
  • monosexism/bisexual erasure
  • transphobia
  • ableism
  • audism
  • classism
  • sizeism
  • serophobia
  • compulsory sexuality/asexual erasure

In order for a safer space to be a good space, we all must:

  • respect people’s emotional boundaries
  • always get explicit verbal consent before crossing boundaries
  • be responsible for your own actions and words. Be aware that your actions do have an effect on others despite what your intentions may be
  • Don’t make assumptions. Be open to everyone’s individual identity, gender, sexual orientation or otherwise.
  • Keep all discussions within the safer space. Treat everything as confidential. What is said inside the channel cannot be repeated outside of the space.
  • Respect everyone’s pronoun preference inside and outside the space.
  • actively choose to be polite and considerate to others

Anyone violating the above rules will be subject to removal from this space.

Need some assistance?

If you experience or witness any behaviour that crosses your boundaries or makes you feel uncomfortable or if you are feeling like you would like to talk to someone anonymously about anything please feel free to send a message any voiced user.

Conflict resolution

There may be conflict in the safer space and the organisers have designed a basic process for dealing with this, based around the principle that a resolution deemed positive to all parties involved should always be sought first.

Any conflict arising in the space that at least one party feels cannot be resolved without some help, should seek the assistance of one or more of the organiser crew. If the conflict cannot be resolved with them it may be taken to the whole safer space to make a final decision on what action needs to be taken. To reiterate, the moderators reserves the right to ask any attendees who are violating the safer space policy to change or address their unsafe behaviour or language, or leave the event if needed.

No space is exempt from personal conflicts and nobody can be perfectly informed about all social justice issues. In every group there will be slip-ups and mistakes. The organisers expect everyone to be open and honest if they feel they are being mistreated or someone is acting in an unacceptable manner, but also realise that some people do not have the capacity to feel comfortable discussing the way they are feeling out in the open. If this is the case, they can take their issue to private message with one of the organisers, who will discuss the inappropriate behaviour with the offender, without disclosing that a complaint has been made. Information, such as whether a complaint was made or by whom, will never be disclosed without the injured party’s express consent unless absolutely necessary.

If an injured party wishes, or it is deemed necessary by the organisers, mediation can set up. This is done when the injured party would like resolution or to air their grievances against an offender, but is not comfortable talking to them directly via private message. Rules of conduct in the chat room also apply to the mediation process. A mediator will be chosen from a list of available mediators. An injured party is welcome to choose a representative of the minority in question, if available, but specific mediators cannot be requested.


Sample taken from


Can we expand a bit on “take responsibility for your own safety and get help if you need it”?


impsy: Ah, that was something left behind from the original template I’d used. You’re welcome to change or remove it.


I don’t respect all opinions, beliefs, and differing points of view. In fact, to be a safe space, many opinions have to be actively rejected and disallowed from even being present. If somebody has the opinion that trans women are really men, for instance, I do not at all respect that opinion, and this would not be a safe space for a trans woman if that opinion is permitted to be expressed. It should not be respected in here.


I think the issue of tolerance of religion isn’t really an issue specifically relevant to a safe space because there is no real tangible harm caused by intolerance of religion. I feel it pertains more to just plain being rude. Being rude isn’t always an issue of marginalization or oppression.

We need to develop an official stance on politeness specifically with non-oppression related issues.

I personally feel it is best to not have constant intolerance of diverse beliefs, as it can be unwelcoming to people that otherwise would benefit from the safe space.

It’s more than just disallowing personal attacks. If I believe in a God, and every five minutes there is somebody saying how absurd it is to believe in a God, it’s not really a personal attack, but I’m still going to get real tired of hearing about it.


Re: Oops/Ouch

I think each individual is more than capable of respectfully expressing their hurt without needing to follow a script. I believe we are all capable of maintaining decorum under distress and do not need our dignity spoon fed to us.


We need something to talk about what the protocol is if someone wants to discuss something serious they need help with, but that might be triggering for others.


I think that it would be reasonable to offload potentially triggering support needs to other more specific support channels that are designed to cater specifically to them.