Little Run...Just For Fun

Kneeling next to her, I gently lifted her feet into the air. The light glistening off her skin. Gently grabbing her ankles and holding em high, I split her legs just enough to get my head between them. My lips kissed and caressed all the way down to her thighs. She moaned and cooed gazing into the sky like a new born babe. When I got close to her clean shaven mound she was havin a hard time keeping still. Her squirming and moving qued me into to every one of her spots. Taking my time I tantilized and teased over every inch of evey one of them. She was on the brink of exploding when I took a moment to take in her sweet scent.. Mouth watering to say the least.
I dove in nose first. She was like heaven. Trapped between two of the softest thighs I’ve ever felt. Every drop of every lick
tasted sweet as honey. I curled my toungue in as far as it would go, making sure I stroked her g spot every time I pulled out. she thrust her hips into my face.
mmm nnmm ungh "
I let my toungue cirlce her sex button. She bucked and shook, cumming violently as she pinned my head between her soft thighs.