Ray tried to rest, thing was he’d been asleep so much that he had to get up and walk. Elizabeth went with him making sure he didn’t overdo it. Coming back Ray was about to lay back down when he reached out to her and kissed her as deeply and passionately as he could. Both of the females felt an almost palatable jolt through the body, suddenly Nali felt as strong as she had always, Elizabeth felt almost normal, what in the hell had that been?
Ray had felt it too, a surge of energy was flowing through him, not really having the time to try and figure it out, and Ray laid back then was in space. Stopping on the BLEMS planet first he felt them as they were approaching him. The whole group stopped several yards from him, Ray waited for the leader or elder as Nali had called him to advance.
Finally the elder slowly came to Ray,
It is Nali she said to tell you that you need to infuse me again. Also can you bring Nali and Elizabeth here? It appears we are linked and need to be near each other. They both have tried but got no further than the outer boundaries of our planet.> Ray informed the elder.
The first request is simple, it will keep you alive far longer though,> here it paused, Ray nodded. With that, the Elder started to pour blueish energy into Ray’s body. Finished the elder said,