Cd Burning

CD types

CD Sizes
Physical size Audio Capacity CD-ROM Data Capacity Note
12 cm 80 min 700 MBytes Standard size (650 MB 800 MB & 900 MB are also existing)
8 cm 21–24 min 185–210 MBytes Mini-CD size
  ~6 min ~55 MBytes “Business card” size


CD-R A CD-R can only be written one time (WORM). Tha data can’t be changed or erased later. The only possibility to add data later is to create a Multi-Session-CD where you can add another session later. Be aware of problems that might occur if you try to open a Multi-Session-CD on another computer.
CD-RW A CD-RW can be erased and burned again with other content. Many CD-Players don’t accept CD-RWs and they are more expensive than CD-Rs.


CD formats

Most important CD formats
Audio CD Audio CDs can be played with most CD-Players (CD-Rs). The audio data is stored as PCM with two channels (stereo), a samplerate of 44.1 kHz and a bitrate of 16 bit/sample.
CD-ROM CD-ROMs can be used to store data in files and folders. They may contain different filetypes on the same CD. They are primarily used to store data for usage with computers. Some DVD-Players are able to read CD-ROMs (only some audio- image- and video- file types and often only if no folders are used).

See for more possible CD formats.

Audio CD creation

Audio file formats

Audio CD import

sound-juicer – preferences (target folder & file format)

Audio downloads

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Burning the audio CD