Getting Audio

There are many websites existing where you can listen to and download music. We have collected some at Delicious:  music. Many other people are also collecting  music links at Delicious.

There are many different ways how websites provide audio. According to that circumstance there are also many different ways how to get the audio downloaded / ripped. Some methods are simple, some are more complicated and some websites use really complex methods to hinder you from downloading their music. For some common ways how audio is provided we have collected manuals on how to get the audio downoaded / ripped / extracted:

Many websites which allow you to buy music online and download it onto your computer are designed to work with Microsoft Windows only. As a result, some services will not work with Linux. Linux is able to play most audio formats, including MP3, WMA and AAC. However, it does not support the various DRM (Digital Rights Management) schemes which stores sometimes use to restrict access to their music. If you download audio files which are DRM-restricted, they are unlikely to work with Linux. In particular, nearly all music from the iTunes music store is DRM-restricted and so cannot be played. Two services which offer unrestricted (DRM-free) music are Jamendo and Magnatune.