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What is a web search engine and how to use it

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Search Engines

A web search engine bases on an index, which are created by humans and/or computer generated; only indexed websites will be found.
If you are searching for local informations try first to use local search engines. e.g. if you are looking for something in Germany try a german search engine like metager.de

so many searchengines:

with visualition: grokker.com

and www.scroogle.org/cgi-bin/scraper.htm

Difference between search engine and meta search engine (e.g. www.xooda.com)

How to use a search engine?

→ useful Keywords are essential. Type them in the Search Box

→ try to use different search engines and compare the results

→ use " " + – ~

  • google: the most famous search-engine. Generally delivers the best hints. Relies on the community developed Open Directory Project: www.dmoz.org.
  • yahoo and categories
  • www.ixquick.com A meta search engine which searches in different search-engines at once. Less information about your searching behaviour than in google is saved.

→ Task to compare results

special search-engines for products/consuming: preisvergleich.de, billiger.de, mobile.de,..

You want to know more about this topic? Try the documentation of the web searching workshop of the UC Berkeley (USA)

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