Linux-Distributions for Internet Cafés

These are the Linux distributions considered for the Internet Cafés


  • usable for older computers (not that old anymore!)
  • good community support and documentation
  • high usability
  • focus on browser abilities, media codecs
  • preferable with a Debian flavor
  • radio stream source client abilities

Considered distributions


Top 33 on distrowatch

used in 2007 to 2010


Top 1 on distrowatch

used from 2010


LinuxMint: Top 3 on distrowatch
LinuxMint website
For installation check ReleaseNotes

pro: Codecs preinstalled
con: LinuxMint has connecting problems with package servers. This is an absolute nono for limited presence in internet cafés.

more detailed information: Comparison Ubuntu 10.4 and LinuxMint 9

a Kiosk Distribution

searchengine: kiosk Linux distribution

Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux

Damn Small Linux

Damn Small Linux Live-CD for ressourcenschwache Rechner

Desktop Light Linux

Desktop Light Linux

Vector Linux

Vector Linux Vergleichbar mit Desktop Light Linux




ubuntulite orientates on Lubuntu

More Ideas

IntallCDCustomization and LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch