The Magic Ring Chapter 5: The Most Unusual Three Some

I can’t even look to see which girl is doing which motion. I’m in a level of bliss that won’t even allow my eyes to open. “Are you ready for some of this?” I hear Sarah ask Mia in the next room.
At the same time I feel a wetness engulf the head of my dick. Both hands are still working me but the warm suction of Clara’s mouth has my full attention. “Fuck, that feels amazing. I want to cum in your mouth.”
Talk dirty to me." No requests from Clara. “If you talk dirty enough then I’ll let you continue to cum in my mouth as often as you want.”
I am going to fill your mouth. I’m going to put a warm thick load down your throat. I can’t wait to hear you struggle to eat such a big load. It’s going to be like an entire pudding cup being shot into your mouth all at once."
Ah fuck me," I’m pretty sure that was me shouting out. I now have Clara’s mouth providing suction on the head of my dick and at the same time Mia is sliding down my shaft. Tight lips suck harder, a wet pussy grips me as it slides deeper, and there’s still a hand rolling my balls. “Oh fuck, it’s too much.”