Request For Submissions

Hi! We’re Riseup Labs, the research arm of the Riseup Collective. We’re working on our very first educational project, and you could be part of it. We invite you to contribute story, theory, and your advice for using computers safely and securely in activism and organizing.

Activists know about security culture. The goal of this project is to ensure that security culture is a healthy culture online.

Have you got some experience to share? We are particularly interested in:

  • Critical analysis of the web-based tools that are available now (myspace, facebook, gmail, evites, riseup lists, etc.) What works and what doesn’t work? What are the risks and what are the pitfalls?
  • Your Stories. Share your experience with online security, or digital security offline. Do you have a success story? Sad stories welcome, too.
  • Practical advice. On the level of “how to pick a good password and not write it down”—-good security for the rest of us.
  • Theoretical and historical analyses of privacy and security issues faced by social justice organizers, especially around:
    • relational surveillance: analysis of social networks via email and phone transactions.
    • data profiling: the aggregation of consumer data in order to build detailed profiles on the consumption habits of everyone.
    • tethered devices: devices that are controlled via a ‘tether’ by the manufacturer. On the desktop, trusted computing can be seen as a way of achieving tethered computing on an otherwise agnostic and innovative device.
    • geospatial surveillance: location tracking via RFID, cell phones, IP addresses.
    • biometric surveillance: biometric face scanning, DNA databases.

Please email questions, material, or proposals to We will need articles by April 26th.

Riseup Labs


is the zine being published by riseup labs or riseup networks?


Good question. I wrote riseup labs, but I’m open to riseup networks. Let’s see if Devin has an opinion from the legal perspective.


I think riseup labs. It’s educational and fits in our mission.


can we include a blurb about in the about us section?


heck ya! i tried my hand at a blurb discussing both and riseup labs here but i’m sure the language could be massaged.


thanks dto. i meant in the section in the zine, but it’s good that the page was updated so the most current info about labs/networks is there.


Here’s a “Good Practices for ssh” I wrote that could be used
It’s targeted at the ssh user. I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a similar one for the ssh administrator too.

I also wrote a document about SSL Certificate Authorities
It’s targeted at the sysadmin, which may or may not be who the zine is aiming for (although more and more people are setting up websites for their organizations…).

You are welcome to fold/spindle/mutilate those however you like.
I can maybe help with other stuff, let me know.


i’ve added these to the 101 how to section for now.


good doc taggart.. just a minor comment, on

Don’t “chain” or “loop” logins, do “star”

Related to the above idea of limiting the clients you ssh FROM, you don’t want to login from one client to the next to the next, etc.

do you actually mean ‘you don’t want to login from one client a server and then from this server to the next to the next, etc.’? the way how is written sounds to me like ‘trying to login from a client to another client to the next client’

something else (a situation that I am facing right now): how to properly dispose a that contained your keys?


niko: good point about the wording, I will fix. Good idea to add something about key life management