List Admin Configuration

Help for list administrators in configuration of their lists

Creating Lists

Information about creating lists.

  1. How do I create a list?
  2. Who can create a list?
  3. Why doesn’t my list work yet?

File Customization

Customizing text that is used to describe your list in various situations.


How to create a form on your website which allows someone to subscribe to a list.

List Definition

There are many options you have for configuring different aspects of your list. Please see below for help on the different ones available.

  1. List Owners
    1. What is a list owner?
    2. Adding owners
    3. Changing owners
  2. List Moderators
    1. What is a moderator
    2. Adding moderators
    3. Removing moderators
  3. Configuring a list description
  4. Setting list topics


Some miscellaneous configuration possibilities, including expiring users, reminding them of their subscriptions.

  1. expire task
  2. remind task
  3. email address protection method


Configuring the access and privileges for different aspects of your list, such as who can see the list, who can see subscribers, etc.

  1. Information page
  2. List visibility
  3. List of subscribers

Sending and Reception

Configuration options for who can send messages, digests, how the list subjects are represented, etc.

  1. Who can send messages
  2. Digest frequency
  3. Reply address
  4. Subject tagging

Shared Web Space

How to use, create, and edit shared web space for your list.

  1. Creating shared web space for a list
  2. Adding, viewing or editing shared web space documents