Lost Passwords

So, you lost your password and you cannot get into your account. What can you do?

TODO: this needs to be moved to lists section, and renamed accordingly.

List Admins

As a first step, person who wants to be list administrator should contact existing list administrators (they can do that by emailing listname-admin@lists.riseup.net—-we shouldn’t tell them email addresses.)

If that doesn’t work, and there are list admins, we can add the list admin to the ticket, or contact the list admin some other way.

If there are no other list admins, or we never hear back from the list admins, and the list is a discussion list, the person can send an email to the list, asking to be made list admin, and asking for anybody who has concerns to respond to the whole list.

If the list is an announcement list, this won’t really work. For announcement lists, we could make them so anybody can post, but that won’t work for very large lists.