This is our wish list of skills, time, and resources. If you can offer any of these, please contact us at collective@riseup.net.

Roles for Volunteers

Volunteer Coordination

Because we are so busy, it has been traditionally difficult for us to involve volunteers. So, if you are interested in volunteering, please be persistent! If you were interested in helping us coordinate other volunteers, that would be even better.

Local Tech Support

Many local groups and users in your area probably need a lot of support. Instead of volunteering directly with riseup.net, we would be thrilled if you found someone locally who needed help.

We don’t have a good way yet for people to request help in their area, so the first step would be to devise such a system.

riseup.net Tech Support

We receive a ton of help desk tickets every day. Many of them are general enough that anyone familiar with riseup.net could give an answer. Also, many questions we just can’t answer because we don’t have anywhere near the time (for example, ‘how do I configure my mail client?’).

However, most the help desk tickets are a little tricky, and may involve some training to learn how to troubleshoot. Anyone with a riseup mail account can answer help tickets marked “public” so take a look at user.riseup.net/ticket and see if you can help someone out.


Our documentation is growing, but is still far from complete. It needs updating, expanding, editing, cleaning up, and translation. It is very important for riseup.net to have good documentation, since we don’t have enough labor to handle all the problems people might encounter. If you find a help page that is incomplete or contains incorrect information, email us at collective at riseup dot net with a link to the offending page and your suggested edits or corrections.

News Collective

We would like to encourage our users to start local collectives to edit an activist news feed which would appear on the front page of riseup.net (and lists and mail sites) and which users may choose to have mailed to them. A crabgrass group to work on this exists, but has not gone very far yet: we.riseup.net/riseup-news

Legal Support

From time to time, we have need for legal advice. We are also looking for people who can be on call should a crisis emerge. We would love to talk to you if you have knowledge in the areas of civil liberties, internet law, privacy, or search and seizure. Contact legal at riseup dot net for more information.


We can patch a kernel before you can say ‘Free Software,’ but this accounting stuff makes our heads swim. There are a lot of questions and consulting needs we have in the areas of budgeting, financial systems, taxes, and non-profit filing requirements. We use GNUCash, an open source accounting package available only on linux. However, any general accounting advice should still be relevant.


about local tech groups, there is this link : we.riseup.net/riseuphelp+en/radical-ser...
with links to various groups websites. this might be better to point to.

also a common platform (a radical servers network instead of using indymedia.org resources as it usually happens) built together with those groups (forum of some sort?) could help coordinate volunteers easily, among other things.