Where are my folders?

Missing your email folders? Well you came to the right place!

Why can’t you see some of your email folders?

Are you using POP?

When using POP, you will not be able to see the server-based folders which you see if you use IMAP or web mail.

POP only has local folders which are stored on you local machine.

Are you using IMAP?

If you are using IMAP and you cannot see your server-based folders, then you may need to “subscribe” to these folders in your mail client in order to see them.

In Thunderbird you do this by right-clicking on the Inbox, and selecting ‘Subscribe’.

In Squirrelmail, click ‘Folders’ at the top, and look at the ‘Unsubscribe/Subscribe’ field. If there any folders that you are not subscribed to, they will show up in the right column, and you can select them and hit ‘Subscribe’ to subscribe to them.

Otherwise, consult your mail client’s documentation for how to do this.