Rick Returns: Son's Revenge 2

One night Ron said we were going to a party and he wanted me to meet some friends. We went to the same bar we met in and he took me through to the back office. There was a group of guys there some I recognised from around town. Ron introduced her to everybody and she shook their hands. After I’d met them Ron pushed me into them and said “She’s all yours guys!”. “WHAT!?” I said. The guys began pulling me in ripping at my clothes. One of the black guys grabbed me by the throat and kissed me hard. I felt my panties and bra being pulled. Before I could think I was pushed onto my knees and had about 7 dicks in my face. I closed my mouth and eyes. I heard Ron shout “feel free to give her abit of encouragement.” With that someone smacked me across the face. Before I knew it I had cocks in my pussy, ass, mouth and hands. They abused me. Hit me!, spat on me, called me a whore. I must have swallowed about 20 loads of cum that night. I had even more leaking out of me! They all got dressed and left, shaking Ron’s hand. I sat alone in the office curled in a corner. About an hour later, Ron came back with someone I knew. Jack! He said “Here you go mate do whatever you want pornokoks.top enjoy yourself!”. He spent the first 10 minutes beating me! He hit my face. Kicked me, spat on me. “Rik ain’t gonna save you now whore! You’ll do as I say or I beat you til my knuckles bleed!”
He bent me over the desk and raped me for an hour. I cried when he entered me and he laughed. He spanked my ass and hammered into me regardless of how much pain I was in. He pulled me to my knees and came on my face. The little shit then pulled out his phone and started taking pictures. I sat there crying with cum all over me for another hour when Ron came back and said we could go. He made me walk naked through the club. Everyone was watching me! When we drove back I said “How could you do that to me?” His reply was “I got a deal to take care of. If it works then I get distribution of my product. You were a good faith gift. Every month we come back here and your gonna do this again.” “Like hell I am! Im going to the cops I’ll tell them everything” Ron looked at me calmly and said"How old is Ashley now 15? 16? I noticed some guys took a liking to her in the street. I dunno if I can stop them from Jail. Maybe you don’t know but these guys are animals. They’ll take her and keep her as their personal fuck toy. If she gets pregnant they’ll probably take the kid and do the same." I began to realise how much trouble we were in. I begged Ron not to let them hurt Ashley and promised to keep my mouth shut. So that’s the way its been since yesterday. Every month im forced to fuck the whole town. One time Ron got pissed of with Jake and started beating him. I ran over screaming for him to stop. We made an arrangement where I would take all of the kids beatings.
Rik listened to the story without interruption. His anger was god like. He had only ever felt this angry one other time. He started to remember when he saw Jodi with the three stooges. “Im sorry Jodi. I should never have left. I should have been here to protect you.” “Don’t you dare blame yourself for this Rik! Its my fault I pushed you away. I got what I deserved.” “Nobody deserves that!” Said Rik. “Honestly. I am sorry Rik I am sorry!” Rik looked seriously at Jodi and said “ok!” A hint of disappointment swept Jodi, she hoped to hear the words “I Forgive you”. But no still healing to be made first. “I swear to you Jodi. I will keep you safe. I’ll get them! All of them! And I’ll make sure they never hurt you or anyone else!”. Jodi had a tear of joy appeared on Jodi’s face. She hugged Rik tight. Rik felt her big tits that had not sagged against his chest. He felt a twitching in his loins and realised he had a boner. He was confused. He’d never looked at Jodi that way or even thought about it.
He tried to hide his boner and realised that Jodi had her back to him doing dishes. She gave him a perfect view of her ass. Rik felt a sudden urge to touch it! Squeeze it! Slap it!. He shook his head and tried to push the thoughts out of his head. He tried reading the paper but was drawn to look at jodi’s ass. Then out of nowhere he stood. Like another force was controlling him. He grabbed Jodi’s hips and pulls her into him. Dry umping her Jodi never said a word or even look round. She continued washing dishes. Rik pulled up her denim skirt and saw she had no panties on. Jodi began grinding against his dick. She put her hands against the edge of the kitchen counter. Rik unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Jodi gasped in suprise as 7 and a half inches were pushed into her. Rik grabbed her hips and began fucking her slowly. Jodi’s breathing was getting faster. She lifted her shirt above her tits and began pinching her nipples. Rik quickened his pace and the kitchen echoed with rik slapping into Jodi. “aaaaah fuck, Aaaah, Aaaaaah!” She moaned. Rik reached under and grabbed her tit. Rik was surprised at how good this felt. Fucking his mother was something he thought to be disgusting. Morally wrong. Yet he was having the best sex he’d had in years. Jodi reached down and began rubbing her clit. She closed her eyes and began grunting. She was on the brink of orgasm when Rik pulled out.
He spun her around and picked her up. He sat her on the table and began teasing her pussy. Rubbing his cock up and down her slit. Jodi couldn’t take it. She grabbed his cock and pulled it into her burning pussy. As rik began fucking her again, she looked him in the eyes. Forgetting for a moment that he was her son. She looked into the eyes of someone she trusted. Her saviour, her hero. The man who would always protect her. She wrapped her arms around him and held him tightly so he could never leave again. Feeling his hard manhood running in and out of her she gave herself to Rik completely. His reward for his protection was her. He could have her any time of the day and night. “Oh Rik aaaaah I love you. Aaaah im yours oooooh fuck. Take me Rik aaaaaaaaahhhhh god take me son!” Rik’s animalistic desires took over. He picked her up again and began fucking her against the wall. Jodi’s hand stroked his cheek as he hammered into her. His cock hit her g spot and Jodi came all over his cock.