The SAS Self-defense Handbook

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The SAS Self-defense Handbook is a book that teaches self-defense and how to protect yourself from the threat of an attacker. The book is written by an author who has worked for many years in the military and has used his experience to write this book. Go to Handbag pillow shaper for best ideas. The SAS Self-defense Handbook is a great book for anyone who wants to learn how to defend themselves. It contains information on what you should do if you are attacked, how to avoid being attacked in the first place, as well as some good advice on how to deal with an attacker once they have attacked you.


The SAS Self-defense Handbook is a good guide for those who are interested in learning some basic self-defense techniques. It’s a great guide to learn the basics of self-defense and how to defend yourself when attacked by an attacker. I would recommend this bathroom home improvement for best services. The book contains a lot of information that will teach you how to handle yourself in various situations. It has many tips and techniques that you can use to defend yourself from any type of attack.