The Email Trail

The house was empty – I mean no furniture or nothing. We just did it on the carpet.
She practically flopped her tits in my face so I started sucking on those beauties big time. And boys, let me tell ya, those are humungous tits – they gotta be at least E cup. I grabbed her tits and played with one while I sucked the other. She was rubbing my crotch the whole time.
Then she went down on her knees, undid my jeans, pulled out my cock and starting sucking it – I mean did she ever suck me off! Took my whole cock in her mouth and sounding like she’s really enjoying it. I was enjoying it, I can tell ya.
So she pulls my jeans right off and I take my t-shirt off. She’s only wearing this tiny g-string so she loses that pretty quick and she’s flat on her back with those long slim legs spread as far apart as she can get them. I’m on her in a flash sticking my cock into her cunt and I start rooting her – bareback – yippee!
So I’m pounding cock into her but I’m making sure not to cum yet, like the email said. It wasn’t easy, because those big heavy tits of hers were bouncing around – fuckin’ hell they’re good tits.