The aim of this project is to provide people with a forum where they can figure out ways of helping each other - regardless of their location, and without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

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dslc Jun 2009 founder and admin

Hi. Just a quick question.

Would anyone be interested in the possibility of a riseup group for this project?
(It might obviate the need for people to regsiter on a separate site.)

I’ve set up a Ning site – – but I have slight reservations about using Ning (mainly coz they’re not open-source).

Just a thought.


I think a group would work well as an incubatror, once it gets bigger and needs more customization you can move it to a dedicated instance of crabgrass.


Hi elf, and others. Just to follow up on this …
I have just created a group here on : .
Needless to say, you are all welcome to join.

I deleted the old Ning site – no one had ever used it anyway.