The Zeitgeist Movement and Venus Project


What are your opinions of these two projects?

I have some reservations about the proposals in the Activist Orientation Guide (available from their main website) – primarily relating to the prospect of centralization on the one hand, on what seems to be the influence of the technocracy movement on the other.


Ah, I wished we had spoken about this when you were here. I just discovered this Orientation Guide and am stunned. I wrote about it on sharewiki and cultwiki:

Scam if you ask me. One guy has these “Great Ideas” of rebuilding new cities and over the past 40 years succeeds in getting enough crowd around him to support his cultstatus. Yak.


Hi Robino. I’ll have a read of that soon, thanks.

“I wished we had spoken about this when you were here.”

Have you maybe confused me with someone who has been to Casa Robino? (I’ve never actually been there – although it sounds great :-))
But not to worry in any case.

Bye for now


It seems to me that the ‘engineers’ or ‘programmers’ will become the new ruling class under the Venus Project. Any comments?