Valentines Day_(1)

Still with me? I know you are J!!! Now like I previously stated  SF was trying to make me explode,  I felt like a time bomb  ticking ..slowly the timer counted down to 0….I swear to you I tried my hardest  to resist….I thought  about gremlins….thought about zombies….anything weird to get my focus but guess what? This woman was a wizard, a witch a combination of Hermine(From Harry Potter) and  a porn star .  No amount of concentration was going to deter her from her goal. Finally the inevitable happened…think of all the disaster movies you’ve watched that had major explosions….think about Ryu from Street Fighter upper cutting an old woman and that’s what happened to me. It took every ounce of my soul not to make any type of sound…I had to channel the spirit of Hulk Hogan to remain silent but man was it worth it, that nut felt  like heaven and red velvet cake….yes that good. I wasn’t even focused on the helicopter ride…no no…I had my eyes focused on one thing…HER.
So I set my plan in motion, after a quick clean up dinner was next on the agenda and trust me, what I wanted wasn’t on the menu. Now I can’t tell you guys where we went but I will tell you that it was one of those places where if you bring someone there you’re definitely getting some that night…no questions asked. Dimly lit and not too crowded we proceeded to go through the motions of ordering food and drinks, making eye contact ever so often communicating  our wants and desires. Our seating wasn’t the traditional across the table fashion, we were seated directly next to each other which made my conquering even easier. My plan was to slowly remove her stockings and panties as the waiter brought out the food and drinks but what I didn’t expect was to feel nothing but leg when I slid my hand under the table!!! Seems like SF had plans of her own . Looking up at me with a mischievous grin, I already knew what time it was or did I(Dramatic Music)? She began kissing my neck, working her way up and then sensually whispering “Play with my pussy” My fingers did the cha cha slide with her kitten. Getting wet enough to drown Free Willy, oh but I wasn’t done…all the entrees had been brought out and I figured we’d have at least 25 minutes before our waiter came in and checked on  us and that’s when I “accidentally” dropped my fork.  Quickly I dropped down under the table to retrieve my fork and to taste some of the off the menu delights.
I don’t know if she was shocked by anything I did anymore but I know she enjoyed every minute of it. You may ask how do I know if she did?  Well I’m not one to brag or boast but I don’t play when it comes to sex. Not one bit. I AIM TO PLEASE!! Had to place extra emphasis on that one. Plus when her legs are quivering uncontrollably that’s usually a sign that you’re doing something right.  Any type of sexual act in pubic takes an immense amount of strength not to express pleasure in the loudest way possible, it’s a natural human reaction to moan, scream, blurt out four letter words or even proclaim our love (Hides face) but what I heard was definitely unexpected. “Can someone pleassssseeee bring the check” is what SF screamed/yelled/shouted out. I popped up from under the table chin and lips still having traces of her wetness on it, SF licked all of her juices off and said we have to get back to the room now.  The waiter came back to our table bill in hand, he curiously stared at our untouched food and drinks but I don’t think he was able to put it all together
You would have thought SF robbed the place the way she bolted on …by the time I stepped foot out the restaurant she was already in a cab yelling at me to hurry up. My anticipation was building …most likely due to the head in the cab…the way she brought me to near climax then stopped…the laugh she let out when she saw my anguish…I could not wait to get inside her. If we weren’t worried about getting arrested  we’d have got it on in the hotel hallway but I love my freedom so I could wait a till I got in the room. Mannnnn once that door opened….it was pure raw savage lust at its finest…clothes were literally ripped off…fuck the cost of the outfit, it was all about pleasure at this point!!
There Sf was , naked…every curve accounted for…I wish you all could share this view..this was art…this was a masterpiece…this was….about to get nasty real quick .  I quickly bent her over and tasted the pussy from the back, there was a duffle bag on the side of me, it took a minute to feel around but I was able to find some interesting items…lets see..we have hand cuffs…bondage tape not to mention the ice on the dresser this was gonna be fun.