Cum Medicine 6

Am I hurting you?”, Ethan asked, concerned.
Kellie shot him an angry look, “Ethan!! You are NOT to address her!”, she scolded him.
Kristin interrupted with a frustrated whine, addressing Kellie, “He needs to press harder! I can do it if he forces me to take it!” She opened her mouth and took his cock back in, moaning as she did. His cock looked massive in her mouth. Ethan didn’t think she would be able to take it without hurting herself. He pulled her down harder this time, and mashed the tip of his cock against the back of her throat. He was only about halfway in!
Kristin, relax! Ethan, push harder. Fuck her throat to loosen it up!”, Kellie ordered them.
Ethan began thrusting steadily, reservedly fucking her throat, not wanting to fully unleash, fearing he would really hurt her if he did. Kristin made gagging sounds each time he bottomed out. She wished he would press harder! She needed his cock down her throat. She knew Kellie could take it all, and although she was smaller, she had to succeed. She couldn’t fail, but there was no way she could do it by herself.