What can I do around my eyes with a facial care device?

There are many people who suffer from wrinkles and sagging of the eyes. It would be great if you could easily take care of them with a facial care device, wouldn't it? In fact, there are many facial products that are effective in treating the eye area.

There are many people who suffer from wrinkles and sagging of the eyes. It would be great if you could easily take care of them with a facial care device, wouldn’t it? In fact, there are many facial products that are effective in treating the eye area.

In this article, we will explain the care of the eye area that can be done with facial equipment, the types of facial equipment, methods and cautions. It also introduces the recommended facial appliances for eye care, so please read to the end.

How to care for the eye area with a facial care device

Knowing the causes of troublesome problems around the eye area will change the way you deal with them. So, what are some of the things you can do with your facial device to care for your eye area? Let’s check out the types of eye area problems to help you solve them.

Sagging around the eyes

Sagging around the eyes comes to the surface when the collagen that determines the elasticity of the skin decreases or the muscles around the eyes lose their ability to support the skin. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs with age, but various other factors, such as eye fatigue, also play a role.

Dry skin is also a major enemy of sagging around the eyes. When the skin is dry, the part of the skin that supports the skin weakens, and as a result, the area around the eyes sags.

Dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes can be categorized into three types: blue, brown and black circles.

Blue dark circles are caused by lack of sleep, tired eyes, and other physical disturbances that reduce blood flow. Brown dark circles are caused by hyperpigmentation, which is the result of unwashed makeup or skin damage. Dark circles are caused by shadows falling where the eye area is sagging.

Wrinkles around the eyes

Wrinkles around the eyes usually develop with age, but the main cause is blinking. Blinking causes the skin to move, which eventually leads to wrinkles.

Also, as the skin around the eyes sags, the skin overlaps with the skin and wrinkles may surface. Therefore, it is best to basically take care of it as a set with sagging. It is said that the drier the skin is, the more prone it is to wrinkles around the eyes, so it is also necessary to moisturize the skin.

Types of facial equipment that are effective in caring for the eye area

Which type of facial device is best for the thin skin around the eyes? Let’s take a look at the different types of facial appliances that can help you solve the problems around your eyes.

Radiofrequency (RF) facial appliances

A radiofrequency (RF) facial device uses heat to warm the skin from deep within. It has the ability to promote blood flow and boost the production of collagen, which can help with problems around the eyes such as sagging and blue circles.

Ultrasonic facial equipment

Ultrasonic facial equipment removes dirt from the skin by providing fine vibrations. It also massages the fat and muscles, thereby exercising areas that are not normally moved. Shaking the skin also improves blood circulation, which is effective for sagging, wrinkles and dark circles.

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Facial equipment with EMS

EMS facial equipment uses weak electricity to stimulate the muscles. It strengthens the muscle parts that support the skin and improves sagging and wrinkles. It also improves the circulation of blood and is expected to remove dark circles.

Iontophoretic Facial Equipment

An ion-introduction facial device uses a small amount of electric current to help beauty ingredients penetrate the skin. Vitamin C, an ingredient that is particularly easy to penetrate, works to prevent pigmentation and is effective for brown circles. In addition, it promotes turnover and improves the skin’s elasticity.

LED facial equipment

LED facial equipment is a unique type of facial equipment that has different effects depending on the type of color. Here are some of the colors that are effective for treating the eye area. The effect of red LED is to promote collagen production and improve skin elasticity. As for green LED, it is expected to have the effect of lightening pigmentation. Some facial equipment uses more than one light at a time.

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What to look for when using a facial device to treat the eye area

Here are some tips on how to care for the eye area with a facial device. In order to effectively care for the eye area with a facial device, please make sure to practice the correct method.

Use a gel or serum

Basically, use a gel or serum before using a facial device. This is not only to protect the skin and prevent unnecessary damage, but also to make the facial device more effective. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and delicate, so it is recommended to keep it well moisturized.

Timing and frequency of care

The best time to use a facial toner is after taking a bath. This is the best time to use your facial device because your skin is clean and your body is warm, making it easier for the device to work effectively.

It only takes about 10 minutes per use, so it is easy to use.

Points to note when using a facial device around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is thin, and if you don’t take care of it in an appropriate way, it can cause unnecessary damage. Let’s take a look at the precautions for using a facial device to care for the eye area.

Make sure the facial device can be used to care for the eye area.

The skin around the eyes is easily damaged and may not be recommended for use with ordinary facial equipment. Basically, facial products are labeled to indicate which part of the body they can be used on, so be sure to check carefully before using.

Understand your constitution.

Some skin types, such as sensitive skin or metal allergies, may not be suitable for using facial equipment, or may not be able to use it in the first place. It is also not recommended for pregnant women who have hormonal imbalance to avoid skin problems. Be sure to know your constitution beforehand.

Avoid strong stimulation

Since the skin around the eyes is thin, strong stimulation is not recommended. It is also close to the eyeballs, so it may cause other problems. Use a facial cleanser gently and do not overdo it.

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This article has provided useful information about facial equipment that can care for the eye area. Facial equipment can treat sagging, dark circles, wrinkles around the eyes, but be sure to use one that can treat the eye area. There are also a wide variety of types, such as radio frequency, ultrasonic, EMS, iontophoretic, and LED. Use your favorite facial device that best suits your needs.

Since the eye area is a delicate part of the body, use a gel or serum and handle the facial device gently so as not to damage it. Our recommended facial device is the LaraLuchu RF. It is an excellent product that solves all your problems in one, so why don’t you consider it?


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