5 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Solar Panels | Get To Know All

Do you know the factors that affect your solar system cost? Read this blog to know about all of them and Top solar quote in detail.

Thinking of switching to solar system does not costs anything! But the moment you go for some solar panels brand then it definitely costs your pocket.

And you should not make such decisions in a hurry!

Just like your energy consumption patterns affect your decision between 10kw or 6.6kw solar panels.

Similarly the various cost factors also influence the 10kw vs 6.6kw Solar System Price. Thus have a look on the factors that affect the cost of 10kw vs 6.6kw solar system. Let’s begin with that.

What Are The Factors That Affect 6.6kw vs 10kw Solar System Price?

There are total 5 factors that we find affecting the solar panels cost. so have a look on each of them individually.

#1. Number Of Solar Panels

This is the most common factor that affects your cost of solar panels. So the more solar panels you buy the more will be the cost.
Sometimes the solar panel sellers also provide offers on bulk purchases. Thus before going for buying solar in bulk you should look out for such offers in the market to save you some dollars.

#2. Type Of Solar Panels

The solar panels are built of different materials like crystalline panels, thin film panels. And if you don’t let us tell you that thin film panels are less costly than crystalline ones. However they don’t provide longer durability and efficiency as crystalline panels.
So before going for any solar panels 10kw or 6.6kw the quality of material should also be checked.

#3. Ease At Installation

This factor is not consider at many times but it does affects your cost factor. Like if you are going to install solar panels on a more flat surface or roof area that will be easier and less costly.
But if you install solar panels on more challenging rooftops or angles then the level of complications will increase the level of your cost too…

#4. Break-Even Point Of Solar Panels

Breakeven point refers to the durability of solar panels or the number of years it can manage to survive.
Thus if you want to have durability of like 20 – 25 years you definitely should go for some good brands. The price may be a bit high but you will get the benefits for longer number of years compared to those going for some local brands.

#5. Installation Costs

This is one of the important factor which people often ignore in case of solar panels. The kind of solar installers you choose also affects your overall cost of solar systems.

Most of the time people in order to save some dollars go for some local technicians leading to shoddy installation.
But people who went for some professional installers also say that they asked for such high prices that they had no option left with.

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