Deep in Macy. Part 1

There wasn’t enough room in the cabin. The guy was standing, Macy squatted down and pulled off his pants to catch his cock with her lips. The penis was of average size with a big but flat dickhead. Macy was using her right hand to help, she was sucking the cock off. She’s always so damn good at sucking! But Macy doesn’t consider blowjob to be enough. She has to get her pussy hardly banged to say she’s satisfied. When the cock was hard enough she let it go, stood up, turned round and pulled off her pants and sexy white thong to give the guy full access to her gorgeous body. In a moment, the guy was screwing her pussy in a really fast tempo.
Just some 10 minutes ago he couldn’t even imagine he would be fucking a pretty girl in the restroom just like that. He surely realized how lucky he was. The guy was ramming Macy’s hole energetically and almost silently. But for her lusty moaning that immediately disappeared in the train’s noise one could think the room was empty. It took them less than 10 minutes to have sex in the train and they didn’t even know each other’s name! All they actually did was take off their pants and get really close to one another in the room. Macy let him use her leaking pussy. He definitely liked her hole as he took out his dick and started cumming on the girl’s butt. Macy smiled smugly and got some of his juice to taste. The guy went out of the room and got back to his seat as if nothing special had just happened or it was an ordinary thing for him to fuck strangers in trains.
I also remember my friend’s birthday well. I was having a blast that night! There were a lot of guys there, by the moment we arrived they were all pretty drunk and really having a lot of fun. Macy didn’t know anybody there, so it meant there were a lot of new cocks she could go and try. I saw guys stare at her. She was wearing a very skimpy skirt that let everyone see her slender legs… Macy radiated lust and desire to have her hole filled with some hard member. I decided not to interfere with her fun. So I went to another room, got beer and tried to enjoy myself too. Soon I lost her. I checked every room in the house but didn’t find her. I went out of the house because I knew there were people hanging out outside too. Here she was… leaning against the wall, arching her back, impaling her vagina on a guy’s cock. The guy was squeezing her buttocks, his cock was moving really fast, the frictions were really hard. Macy’s denim skirt was raised up to her waist, her thong was pulled aside… There were two more guys standing nearby, waiting for their turn to fuck the girl.
I did feel I could spend my life watching her please other guys. I really liked what I saw. I was watching them from a nook so they couldn’t see me. The guy sighed and made two more deep frictions, cumming. As soon as he got his penis out of her slit, another guy took his place to screw it. Macy didn’t even seem to notice she had another partner now, she was still arching her back and moaning. The third guy was shifting from side to side impatiently. Meanwhile, the first guy got his now-flaccid dick back in his jeans and got back to the house to go on partying.
The second guy came soon, letting his friend take his place. I thought it was enough of the show for me, so I got back in the house. I saw Macy in several minutes. She was red-faced, her eyes were shining lustfully, she was smiling and looking really luscious. She was center of attention.