the ability to keep secrets, and the wisdom to know when this is appropriate

a.k.a. confidentiality, keeping a secret

Complementary virtues

Contrasting vices

  • being a blabbermouth / telltale
  • being a gossip
  • being indiscrete
  • being a kiss-and-tell
  • being nosy
  • being secretive (vice of excess)

Virtues possibly in tension

How to acquire or strengthen it


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Inspirational quotes

  • “Believe nothing against another, but upon good authority: nor report what may hurt another, unless it be a greater hurt to others to conceal it.” ―William Penn
  • “Disclose never in an ungenerous manner the defects of your neighbor, in order to sound your own praise at his expense; nor expose the failings of others to shine with additional lustre…. Attempt never to render a person ridiculous in company, how many defects soever he may have.” ―Baron Knigge
  • “Be careful not to carry stories from one house to another, nor to relate familiar table talks, family discourses, and observations which you have made on the domestic concerns and life of people with whom you frequently converse.” ―Baron Knigge