keeping oneself free of contamination

a.k.a. immaculate, stainless, unsullied, untainted

Complementary virtues

Contrasting vices

  • contamination
  • impurity

Virtues possibly in tension


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Inspirational quotes

  • “God has not limited Himself only to create thee; He has confided thee to thyself, that thou guardest thyself. Dost thou not remember this? And wilt thou contaminate what He has confided in thee?” ―Epictetus
  • “Not with­out a slight shud­der at the dan­ger, I of­ten per­ceive how near I had come to ad­mit­ting in­to my mind the de­tails of some triv­i­al af­fair — the news of the street; and I am aston­ished to ob­serve how wil­ling men are to lum­ber their minds with such rub­bish — to per­mit idle ru­mors and in­ci­dents of the most in­sig­nif­i­cant kind to in­trude on ground which should be sa­cred to thought. Shall the mind be a pub­lic are­na, where the af­fairs of the street and the gos­sip of the tea-ta­ble chief­ly are dis­cussed? Or shall it be a quar­ter of heav­en it­self — an hy­pæ­thral tem­ple, con­se­crat­ed to the ser­vice of the gods?” ―Thoreau (More in this vein starting here: sniggle.net/TPL/index5.php?entry=principle#p36)
  • “The condition of wisdom is purity; the consequence of wisdom is the peace of your soul.” —Tolstoy